Men’s Spa Salon, a Groomsmen Barbershop

You’ve done the hard work and the big day is swiftly approaching. Chances are that your partner has also put in quite a bit of effort to plan the big event. The last thing you want to do is go lax on your look. At Men’s Spa Salon, we are a groomsmen barbershop. In fact, whether you are the groom, a member of the wedding party, family, or just a guest attending, our team can tackle your day-of look.

Pre-event steps to consider when you visit our groomsmen barbershop
In order to ensure that you look great in person and in pictures, we recommend the following:

  • A Great Cut
    Depending on the mood you want for your hair, we recommend seeing one stylist for a few months leading up to the big day. This way, any guidance can be issued and cuts can be layered to build to the look that you want. This is also a surefire way to avoid the dreaded last-minute, hectic botch that many men receive a day or two before their wedding in a panic that they need their hair done. Come schedule out with us and we will gently guide you to your ideal look.
  • Clean Shave
    The next item of business on a pre-event list is a fresh shave. If you aren’t opting for the clean-shaven look, then a proper grooming of your facial hair, including a trim and conditioning, is in store for you.
  • Mani/Pedi
    A manicure and pedicure are excellent rituals to add to your playbook. These services can help you relax and unwind, but they also help you look intentional, groomed, and polished.
  • Massage
    A full-body spa massage is just the ticket to refreshing and rejuvenating your system before a big event. At Men’s Spa Salon, we offer a range of 20, 50 or 80 minutes with add-ons like Deep Tissue, Mini-Hot Stones, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

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