A Short Guide to Different Varieties of the Blend Haircut

From crew cuts to man buns, today’s men have countless options for stylish haircuts. However, many of the trendiest styles feature a technique called blending, which involves seamlessly transitioning the hair on the top part of the head to the hair on the sides and lower section of the head. Additionally, a blend haircut usually involves transitioning from longer to shorter-length hair.

At Men’s Spa Salon, our talented team is adept at the blend haircut and numerous other cuts and styles. Here is a quick guide to different types of blend haircuts to help you determine just what you are looking for:

  • Classic blend haircut. A classic blend haircut leaves sufficient length for styling the hair, while removing excess weight in order to keep your mane manageable. Longer hair on top of the head is melded into shorter hair on the sides and back, yielding a versatile cut that’s easy to style.
  • Some form of tapering is used in most men’s haircuts. Just as with the classic blend haircut, a taper haircut also involves blending longer hair on the top of the head into shorter hair near the hairline, with a visible gradient between the two lengths. However, there are many different varieties of taper cuts, ranging from the conservative low taper—in which the hair tapers just above the ears and hairline—to the trendy high taper, which begins closer to the top of the head and features a noticeable contrast between length on the top and shorter sides.
  • Fade cuts are often confused with tapers, and the two techniques are sometimes combined. The main difference, however, is that fades are shorter and seem to disappear (or fade) into the skin. Like tapers, fades can be customized to achieve a range of looks, from more traditional to decidedly edgy.

If you’re looking to find the right blend, taper, or fade haircut to enhance your looks, the team at Men’s Spa Salon is here to help! Call us today at 612.339.2222 or visit https://www.mensspasalon.com/dev/appointments-online/ to schedule an appointment.