Classic Men: Cut and Shave

Classic Men: Cut and Shave

Men’s grooming routines have become slightly more complicated in recent years. There’s been an explosion in male self-care as of late. As a salon dedicated to the fine art of male beauty, we’re no stranger to this game of luxury services.

In fact, we know a thing or two about refinement and offer a range of salon services to provide respite from life’s daily grind.

As one of Minneapolis’ premier destinations for haircuts, waxing, hair coloring and other specialty services, today we’d like to talk about a classic and timeless look for men: the cut and shave.

For the gentlemen who prefer to keep a clean-shaven vibe, here are a few reasons why we concur with your life decisions and would love to help sustain your regimen:

  • Growing out a beard can be awkward
    Trust us when we say we’ve seen a handful of men enter our doors with some sort of face hair scraggle that just wasn’t working in their favor. Certain cheekbones are meant to be seen and showed off. Plus, growing out a beard is on par with growing out bangs.
  • Collected and cool
    Clean shaven looks offer a polished vibe that can convey to those around you that you are on top of your game. Beards, particularly unkempt ones at that, can give off a sense of laziness if they aren’t tended to well.
  • Evergreen
    We can appreciate a sexy beard but there’s just something classic about a clean-shaven man. A fresh cut and shave will never go out of style.

If whatever you’ve been doing as of late isn’t quite working in your favor, let our talented team step up and help. Book your next salon appointment online or by giving us a call.