Executive Men’s Grooming: Signature Cuts, Shaves and More

Executive men need to look and act the part. Historically speaking, men’s grooming habits have significantly changed over the years. It used to be that a quick stop at a cheap barbershop for a fast, furious $15 haircut every three months or so would be sufficient for self-care.

Today, it’s a completely different story. At Men’s Spa Salon, we’re the modern destination for the sophisticated male looking for those signature cuts and shaves. For those of you in the stylish C-suite—and those of you who would like to convey executive vibes—we can help you present your most professional, well-coiffed self.

Several areas that executive-focused premium barbershops like ours specialize in include:

From personal areas to taking care of pesky nose hair, to shaping eyebrows and keeping any stray hair in check, we offer waxing services for all of your grooming needs.


As a topical treatment, facials nurture all skin types. We offer antioxidant-rich masks and holistic self-healing products that can elicit a glow.

You are more than just a handsome face—try a restorative massage to reduce stress and anxiety levels while helping you realign and find your center. Before your next work presentation or business trip, book a session with our talented team.

Well-groomed hands and feet speak volumes about a person. Let us do the work, while you sit back and relax. Trimming cuticles, sloughing off rough spots, and lotioning dry hands are key in presenting a polished hand to shake.

For many years, men have floundered when selecting products. But not anymore. At Men’s Spa Salon, we carry Clean Enhanced Organics, a powerful line of organic ingredients guaranteed to deliver the highest level of product performance possible.