Hair Barbers

History of Hair Barbers

Did you know that hair barbers are a tradition with a long, rich history?  Modern salons that cater to male grooming like ours at Mens Spa Salon, tap into historical acts of care that can be traced back to ancient times.

As an American staple of contemporary life, barbershops have roots that date back to 296 B.C. when Greek men used to gather to debate philosophical points and gossip about townspeople while having their bears and hair trimmed.

Fast forward to the 19th century in the United States and find that the actual trade of barbering was formally introduced by a man named A.B. Molar in Chicago. Molar is attributed with opening a barber school founded on bringing training, education and professionalism to the art of facial and hair trimming.

Sense of Community

As a space dedicated to fraternal gathering and congregation in care, barber shops developed with a sense of community. When you step into your salon, it should feel like home. Even with the advancements of cutting technology, and other grooming treatments including waxing, facials, massage and pedicure/manicure services, the barbershop experience maintains a communal aspect.

In the African-American community in particular, barbershops have strongholds as one of the first industries that supported entrepreneurship and community support.

Today, in their current iterations, barbershop and salon spa environments for contemporary gentlemen are still special environments set apart from daily life. While menu items have evolved and standards for grooming and comfort continue to mature, there is still something to the environment.

At Mens Spa Salon, we offer a variety of haircut and grooming services that elevates the traditional barbershop experience and leaves your looking and feeling your best. The next time you are in need of respite from life’s daily grind, we’ve got you covered.

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