Spring Beard Styles

Spring Beard Styles: Better Beard Looks and More!

Spring beard styles are a wonderful thing in that they can do so much. Depending on how you style your beard, your facial hair can serve as a diverse tool to refine your look without a hefty commitment. If you are stuck in a beard rut, our team at Mens Spa Salon has compiled several great and trend worthy looks to try out:

Go for Classic
A middle ground, not too long, not too short beard pairs well with a youthful, clean haircut. Additionally, we’ve been seeing plenty of side parts and pomade in the game delivering a polished vintage punch.

Clean and Long
We’ve been seeing beard length trending with fuller, long beards. A word of caution is that full beards require effort to look chic. You don’t want your vibe to look like you’ve been stranded on a deserted island. Neck trimming and beard oil are two essential components for those rocking clean, long beards.

A surprising look for a garden party but we are loving the masculine viking look when worn in tandem with longer locks or a messy man bun. This no-nonsense style should be kept, trimmed and shampooed regularly.

Rocking Short
Spring is a great time of year for a short, simple beard. It’s rugged, it’s sexy, it does require regular maintenance to avoid that patchy, unshaven appearance but it’s one of our all time favorite beard styles.

Slicked Back
Another look we’ve been seeing more of is a carefully coiffed head of hair with slick back finish in combination with any type of beard. This combo appears slightly retro, yet also slightly forward looking at the same time. If you want to modernize your beard look, this is a great formal style for special occasions.

Mustache Contender
If you want to take a break from a full bearded look, there are many options with mustache styles. Our team can evaluate your face shape, haircut and more to find what works best to bring out your features this season.

At Mens Spa Salon, we offer a variety of haircut and grooming services that elevates the traditional barbershop experience and leaves your looking and feeling your best. The next time you are in need of respite from life’s daily grind, we’ve got you covered.

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