Spring Grooming Trends

This season, it’s all about grooming wellness. Caring about your everyday man routine is the new norm and even if you don’t go for complex or cutting edge styles, this spring it’s time to pony up and step into a healthy regimen that enables you to look and feel your best. Here’s the latest spring grooming trends making headlines:

Hip Skincare
A once commonly overlooked aspect of men’s morning and evening sessions, now there are a myriad of men’s grooming products designed to hone in on the perfect routine. A good face wash and a follow-up moisturizer are absolute essentials. Men’s solutions are moving towards more targeting solutions that can address skin imperfections like redness or spotting. Eye rollers are a wonderful item that can give needed TLC to puffy eyes, dark circles or even fine lines.

Face Masks
Sheet masks are a fun way to get rid of dry, oily, or even acne prone skin. Plus, they are easy on the budget. This season, check out Korean face masks as great gender-neutral options making their way into many a man’s dopp kit.

Shake and Go
A lot of men are simply “letting it go,” and long shapes are hitting hard in hair trends. Long hairstyles are back in style with many different designs that can take males anywhere from surfer boy to point break.

Bring Back the Mullet!
This iconic ’80s hairstyle is still going strong in 2022. If you’re looking for something fun and different, you can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned mullet. The modern mullet hairstyle is all about having fun in the front with your hair while letting loose at back.

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