The Mustache Twist

Take a close look at the men around you both in real life and in the magazines, on television and social media. Notice anything? Men with mustaches often face a challenge when it comes to keeping their facial hair properly coiffed, their mustaches twist in two different directions. Similar to a cowlick, this can happen just because of the natural growth patterns of hair.

Never fear, however, our expert team here at Mens Spa Salon is here to help perfect the art of the uncooperative mustache.

First and foremost,  when growing any good looking mustache, you should grow the entire mustache and not just the sides. This will help capture that full, voluminous look and avoid the sparse lip appearance. Now, once you have an evenly grown mustache, start training your hair to do what you want. Start at the center and pull or brush it to the sides.

We recommend regularly shampooing and conditioning your mustache too in addition to discovering what products help you maintain your look best.

Now comes time for tackling the unruly aspect of the mustache. If faced with uncooperative hair, don’t worry. The secret ingredient is to apply heat via the use of a curling iron! That’s right, this styling aid serves many purposes. Plus, available in a wide range of sizes, be sure to use a curling iron that meets your desired circumference.

Start with a curling iron that has an adjustable heat setting and begin with a low temperature. You can always work your way up! Once you’ve captured the right curl, add a little wax to help hold your mustache in place and then head out the door!