Beard Looks at Men’s Spa Salon

In the thick of winter in Minneapolis, it’s definitely beard season. What better way to keep your chilly cheeks cozy in the cold? At Men’s Spa Salon, we are on board with all types of beard looks, but there are a few care pointers and grooming habits that should be incorporated in order to present a healthy beard vibe (and not one of someone lost in the woods).

The best beard looks we’ve seen recently, broken into categories, are as follows:

  • Full Beards
    There are numerous variations within a category. For full beards, we love a light yet complete stubble. This all-over texture can enhance face structure and really bring out the eyes. Next up is the corporate type beard. This well-trimmed and even beard is acceptable in regular office cultures, as well as outside activities. Last but not least, the natural beard. This one is a bit trickier and requires attention, or else it may look accidental. A natural, long bit of scruff looks great but needs conditioning and trimming lest it becomes unruly.
  • Partial Beards
    This bearded category involves all other styles of facial hair: from chops to sideburns, goatees to circles, the combinations and possibilities here are endless. If you are looking to play around with the structure of your beard, we recommend that you come in and discuss options. One of our professional staff members can talk about face structure, cheek bones, jawline and more to really discover the best look for you.
  • Mustaches
    Last but definitely not least, we’re categorizing mustaches along with beards as they often go hand in hand. Handlebar, walrus, and policeman are several popular mustache ideas that can support other facial hair.

If you know you want to keep it cozy this season, a beard is an excellent accoutrement. For varying beard looks, we are here to style you.