Clean Haircut for Men

Contemporary men are lucky—they have options when it comes to personal grooming and style. On the contrary, the barbershop of yesteryear often specialized in only one thing: a quick shave and/or haircut.

Now, getting a clean haircut for men is a personal style choice and one of many options. At Men’s Spa Salon, we boast a full line of salon and spa services designed for men’s grooming and comfort. Located in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul near the Mill City district, we are ready to tackle your grooming needs.

Many men today prefer clean haircut options. Here are some hairstyle options we love that work with minimal hair:

This popular, relatively short cut involves leaving upright hair on the crown of the head that is gradually shortened as it goes down the sides and back. At the neck, it’s cleaned up nicely in a horizontal line to give a clean, concise profile.

A simple yet terrific option for the polished man, a buzz cut is just like it sounds, with all of the hair on the head shorn to the same length. This is a good cut for those that experience thinning or receding hairlines.

Fades can be done in different lengths. Originating in barbershops, a fade is a type of tapering where hair is aggressively trimmed at the sides and then gradually adjusts out to the hair that remains on the top of the head.

An undercut is a variation on several of the previous styles of men’s haircuts. This one leaves length on top while tapering, fading, or even buzzing the backs and sides.

Come talk to our team today if you are in need of style advice. We’ve got the clean haircut you are looking for and the skills to execute it.

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