Eyebrow Care for Men

Eyebrows can add character to a face. They can make you look strong or lend expression to your movements. To deliver a polished punch, it’s imperative to clean up unruly brow hairs. Here’s what we recommend:

Precision Tweezing
Seek out the care of a professional groomer that is used to shaping men’s brows. Oftentimes men will make the mistake of asking a woman for her recommendation and there’s a huge difference between the care and skill in shaping men or women’s brows. Men’s brows require a much lighter touch and a good eye, this eyebrow threader noted. You want to avoid a really clean square shape as this can look too unnatural.

Step Back
Beneath the brow is one of the most important spaces for clean up. With that being said, you don’t want to end up with blocks. During your grooming session, step back from the mirror and take a good look at the shape before committing to a full clean up. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Consider Brow Gel
A clear, man-friendly brow gel is one of our top secrets to keeping your hairs going in the right direction. Consider using a tinted shade to conceal any graying hairs and to keep your look youthful.

Wax That
Waxing is a great way to shorten times between eyebrow treatments because, unlike tweezing, it removes the hair bulb beneath the skin. Our team of professionals can ease you into this grooming standard. Come talk to our team today about your eyebrow care.