Fall Hair Trends for Men

Fall is here! As the autumnal weather creeps in, many individuals like to change up their style routine in celebration of the new season and coming weather. Here are a few of our favorite trends you’ll be seeing on the street this fall:

Keeping it Clean
An easy to manage hairstyle with short back and sides and longer fringe on top is a great look for the season. Boosting volume up top with a texturizing or curl enhancing product delivers a thick, messy look that pairs well with sweaters and scarves. We love the contrast of nice shaved sides and a full top portion of hair.

Fringe Worthy
If you want to capture a modern vibe, then the fringe hair style is for you. Ask your stylist for dimension near the crown of the head, complete with lighter fringe on the sides. This shaggy look leaves plenty to play with and looks good on a variety of face shapes.

Crew Cut
Keep it simple this fall with a low maintenance hairstyle that requires basically nothing. The combo of a fresh crewcut and an unshaven or stubbled face is super trendy this season.

Man Bun 2.0
Slightly controversial, but nonetheless, the man bun is showing strong holding power. Not to mention, this cut offers options. You can keep it messy and unstructured, loosely tied back, or slick it down for a night out on the town.

The Chin-Length Bob
Not into the man bun? No problem! If you want longer locks but aren’t interested in the length required for a bun, a style that may suit you best is the chin or shoulder-length bob. To play up this look, use a hair wax or volumizing spray to add texture to straight or thin hair.

If you are looking to make a change to your locks, let our team at Mens Spa Salon know. We are here to assist you in all of your important hair transitions.