Group Spa Day

Gone are the yesteryears of men heading to bars to celebrate life’s many occasions. Instead of the alcohol-fueled culture of partying, many modern men are instead taking a page from the female bonding playbook and heading to the nearest spa or salon for a day of pampering and unwinding together.

At Mens Spa Salon, we offer a variety of services around men’s grooming needs that offer the perfect environment to bring together the boys for a relaxing day. Here are a few of our favorite treatments:

We offer spa body massages in several increments of time in addition to enhancements like mini hot stones, reflexology, and deep tissue.


This spa mainstay involves a pampering of the digits. If you’ve never experienced the luxury of a manicure or pedicure, now is the time.

Skin Care
A scrub and restorative face mask or a holistic, nurturing facial are two skin care services that we offer that can help restore your energies and renew the face you put forward into the world.

From a trim and styling to something more intense like a color and cut, our stylists can help uncover a fashion forward look that will put you and your friends at the top of their game.

Next time you need to celebrate, look to a spa outing!

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