Identifying Your Face Shape

Many different factors go into whether a hairstyle is right for you. One of the biggest items is your face shape. To determine your face shape, we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you measure up.

First, Tools

First, collect the tools. Find a flexible tape measure, like the kind often used by a tailor. Then grab a pen, paper, and a mirror.

To decipher what face shape you are working with, start by measuring your forehead. To do this, measure the widest part from temple to temple.

Once you jot down your measurement temple to temple, next up is the width of your cheekbones. To capture this correctly, you’ll need to place the measuring tape across your face, right below the eyes stopping at the widest parts of your cheeks.

Next up, your jawline. This can be measured on an angle upwards toward your ears from right in the middle of your chin. You’ll need to multiply the number by two to accommodate both sides of your face.

Face Length
Last but not least, run the tape measure down the center of your face, across your nose. You should measure from the start of your hairline to the tip of your chin. If you lack a hairline, just estimate where your natural hairline used to be.

Determining Your Face Shape
Once you’ve properly measured your face, here’s how to tell which category you fall in:

  • Oval – Face is greater than cheekbones and forehead measurements are bigger than jawline.
  • Square – All measurements are similar.
  • Oblong – Face length is the biggest measurement while others are similar in size.
  • Round – Cheekbones and face length are close. So are forehead and jawline but slightly softer.
  • Heart – Pointed chin with greater forehead measurement.
  • Triangular – Opposite of heart.

Although this list is far from comprehensive, it can help you decide on what haircut showcases your features best. If in doubt, come talk to us!