Mens’ Hairstylists

The words barber, hairdresser and hair stylist are often conflated and used interchangeably. But technically, their definitions are distinct. Barber often refers to a male hair stylist while a hairdresser, a bit of a dated term, refers to a female hair stylist.

In addition to performing shaves and cuts with a razor, a barber and hair stylists execute the same services. Trained in the art of cutting, processing and styling hair, our team of professionals meets with our customers one on one, performs a grooming consultation to truly understand their desired look and the steps necessary to achieve it.

Qualifications of our Hair Stylists
At Mens Salon Spa, we only bring the best into our salon. We have a knowledgeable and creative team ready to meet your needs. Each individual on our team draws from a formal education in hair in addition to serving years in the salon environment working with diverse clientele. You can find out more about our hair stylists here.

Any of our spa and salon services can be easily combined with other offerings and scheduled online. This makes it easy for you to book a day with us to tackle your beard sculpting, trimming, hair cutting and skincare needs.

We are the Minneapolis barbershop for the modern male complete with dedicated hair stylists ready to provide you with the salon treatment you need so you can look your best. Plus, we use Clean Enhanced Organics, a salon-only organic hair-care line to truly give you the power of great ingredients to help your hair look its best, as nature intended.

If you don’t know where to start, give our salon a call and we will be happy to match you with the right hair stylists for your needs.