The Top 4 Mustache Cuts to Try in 2020

For many men, mustaches offer a great way to enhance their facial features and convey a masculine aesthetic, without having to commit to the maintenance that a beard requires. However, some mustache cuts may work better for different face shapes, coloring, and hair types, so it’s important to determine which style is right for you.

As one of the Minneapolis area’s leading barbershops for the modern male, the talented team at Men’s Spa Salon loves using different types of mustaches to help our clients achieve their desired look. Here are four of our favorite mustache cuts to try in 2020:

  1. The Chevron. This simple, classic style covers the entire upper lip, with nearly straight ends that do not curl up or down. The Chevron is particularly effective at balancing out prominent facial features and creating an old-school, manly look.
  2. The Beardstache. As its name would imply, the Beardstache involves a mustache paired with a light beard or thicker stubble. While it is not as eye-catching as some other styles because there is less contrast between the hair and skin, the Beardstache conveys a sense of casual ruggedness. This mustache cut works best with darker hair; light-haired Beardstaches have a tendency to look scruffy.
  3. The Pencil. If you’re seeking facial hair that’s barely there, the Pencil may be the right mustache cut for you. This thin, minimalist ‘stache features clean lines and requires frequent shaving to maintain its tidy appearance. The Pencil works particularly well if you have small facial features and an otherwise clean-shaven look.
  4. The Handlebar. Named for its resemblance to a bicycle’s handlebars, this iconic mustache features long ends that curve upwards. The Handlebar complements most face shapes and conveys a sense of edgy sophistication—though it also requires a fair amount of maintenance.

Looking to upgrade your style with a trendy mustache? The experts at Men’s Spa Salon are here to help you determine the best mustache cut for enhancing your features. Call us today at 612.339.2222 or visit to book an appointment!