Nearest Barber

The golden age of the barbershop is widely considered to be between the late 1800s and 1940’s. That’s to say until they’ve made a popular resurgence in the last few decades. If you are looking for the nearest barber to help take care of your grooming needs, we encourage you to look no further.

At Mens Spa Salon, we are definitely not your grandfather’s barbershop. In fact, we offer a full line of salon and spa services designed for men’s grooming and comfort. Replacing the unisex salon, our carefully curated environment is designed to deliver modern style and grooming options.

As a specialized salon, we are building a community of meaningful interaction and connection. If you need a reason why you should visit our location, here are several:

  • Barbers Know
    Men’s hair requires more than the unisex chain salons give. Barbers are specifically trained to cut hair with clippers instead of scissors.
  • Community
    Just as the female-centric salon environment is one of pampering, relaxation and self-care, so is our rejuvenating space. We offer a complimentary espresso drink while you sit back and allow one of our team members to polish your look.
  • Great Shaves
    One of the best things about the barbershop experience is having a professional shave your face.
  • Self-Care
    If you are looking for a way to give a little care to yourself these days, we can’t recommend our spa services enough. Whether a big event or occasion or just simply time well spent, taking care of yourself is an excellent way to live.