Straight Edge Haircuts

Straight edge haircuts are a specific type of haircut created by using a straight edge razor. Yes, that’s right! The entire cut is executed without scissors. Not to mention, a straight-edge razor can also be applied for shaves, facials, and in trimming browlines.

What’s the Difference?
When a stylist uses a straight razor instead of scissors, there is a different effect on the hair. Hair that has been razored tapers to a thinner peak which results in flatter laying hair with softer textures. Scissors tend toward chunkier or more blunt ends.

When to Opt
If you are looking for messy or jagged hair that sustains volume or if you have super thick, coarse hair that needs to be softened, then opting for a straight edge hair cut is the way to go.

In our opinion, the best type of hair for this cut is medium to thick with little frizz. At Mens Spa Salon, our expert team has the advanced skill set necessary to tackle this method of haircutting. If a straight edge razor makes you nervous, we also can use one with a detachable guard. This is a great approach that moves a little quicker, and allows one of our stylists to take the ends off to even out weight.

If you are interested in giving this type of cut a try, reach out and book with our team today.