Beard Styles

If you wear your beard the same way year after year, it’s definitely time to spice up your look. Beards can be worn in diverse styles to take your face to the next level.  At Mens Salon Spa, Minneapolis’ premier grooming destination for the modern man, our experts can help you find just the right way to update your beard style.

Choosing the Right Style
Styling your beard can add dimension and contrast to your face and highlight your features. Depending on your face shape, here’s the breakdown for good styling options:

  • Square
    Sharp, clean lines work best for a square jawline. If this is your face shape, take advantage of that jaw and opt for shorter bear hair on the side and fuller length near your chin area.
  • Round
    Add slimming angles to your face by shaving along your cheekbones but keep volume near the mouth, and the chin in particular.
  • Oval
    Oval face shapes can rock almost any beard style so try out a variety of styles to find what fits your fancy.
  • Rectangle
    To show off your great facial structure, try and keep your beard shorter near the jawline with any length condensed on the sides.

Watch this video to learn more about how your beard can change your style:

2021 Trends
We’re seeing lots of love go to shorter beard styles including the 5 o’clock shadow or stubble beard. Also popular, the scruff. Be sure to keep a clean neckline regardless of the style you opt for to ensure that your look comes across as intentional and polished. If you have strays heading down toward the Adam’s apple region, we can’t say that’s a great look for anyone.

Additionally, we’re seeing lots of hot corporate beards featuring even length and volume across the face that results in a structured look that complements most face shapes.

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