Master Artist


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Jaeger does edgy and classic hair beyond well and started at day one at Mens Spa. When he’s working, you can count on a great soundtrack while you’re being groomed by Minneapolis’s finest. With Jaeger as your stylist you’ll walk out of the salon feeling like the album cover to your own life: that is…


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This dude is from up north and keeps it real. He gives slick cuts and slick advice. He treats cutting hair like his video games, and he’s expert at both: talk about multi-talented! Definitely a weirdo, but loveable. He’s been at the spa pretty much from the get go, he’ll take on just about anything…


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Damian is a super skilled master stylist who has been here since the beginning. He is an Aveda graduate who has been cutting hair for over 10 years. He rock climbs, collects Japanese vinyl toys, listens to punk music and rocks ever-changing colorful hair. Just like his hobbies, his talents as far as hair goes…