Optimizing the Health of Your Beard

Just like any other part of a healthy routine, optimizing the look and feel of your beard requires attention. Whether you are rocking a full on mountain man beard or just prefer to keep a little texture to define your jawline, here’s some advice on how you can optimize your look:

Find Your Middle Ground
One central key to finding a great bearded look for yourself is to find the middle ground. Both excessively overgrown beards or super manscaped beards can be a little off putting. Instead try out a variety of middle ground options that look natural to your face.

Invest in a Good Razor
A great straight razor offers the ability to sculpt super close to the skin. Not to mention that a high-quality razor can help combat shaving issues like dry skin, breakouts, and ingrown hairs.

Diet Matters
It’s true that what you eat can have a lasting impact on your hair and skin. To optimize healthy beard growth, look to plenty of colorful vegetables, lean proteins, and a diet light on sugar or dairy. We also recommend that you supplement with a daily vitamin (that includes B complex) and fish oil for added benefits!

Of Course, Sleep
Quality shuteye is integral to overall wellness. Try swapping out your smartphone or the latest binge-worthy TV show for quite time and hitting the bed earlier! We bet you’ll not only feel more rested but look it too.

Facial Hair Products
Beards need to be washed and conditioned on the regular. A moisturizing combination can help prevent breakage and leave your beard fuller and healthier. You can also add in other facial hair products like oil or leave-in conditioners to ensure a well-maintained look.

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