The Best Men's Haircuts

The Best Men’s Haircuts

What actually makes the best men’s haircuts?

Well to be honest, nuance. Haircuts aren’t a one size fit all approach and at Mens Spa Salon, we know that intimately. That’s why personalized attention and consideration of a variety of factors help us find the perfect cut for each of our clients.

When selecting the best men’s haircut for you, weighing face shapes is essential. Just because something looks good in a magazine, doesn’t mean that it will translate well to real life. There are seven common face shapes that include:

  • Rectangle – With similarly-sized cheekbones, forehead and jawline, this traditional face shape usually accounts for those with faces that are longer and less wide.
  • Oval – Similar to a rectangle face shape, those with oval shapes usually have rounder features than above.
  • Circle – As if we are progressing, the circle face shape is the next iteration of the oval shape but has slightly less length and more rounding to the face shape.
  • Triangle – Marked by a great jawline and a more narrow forehead, the triangle shaped face is one that can be right side up or opposite.
  • Heart – Drawn to a point at the chin but accompanied by a wide forehead or cheekbones, the heart shape is a readily identifiable shape.
  • Square – An echo of the rectangular face shape, the square typically boasts a sharper jawline.
  • Diamond – With a small forehead and jawline but marked by width at the cheekbones, a diamond faceshape’s length is it’s longest measurement.

Our team of professional stylists and hair cutters will examine your current look, evaluate your face shape and weigh other factors including lifestyle and routine to help you achieve a look that suits your vibe.

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At Men’s Spa Salon, a premium barber shop in Minneapolis, we offer a variety of haircut and grooming services for men—but we are definitely not your grandfather’s barbershop! Our talented team elevates the traditional barbershop experience to suit the sophistication of the modern male, ensuring that you’ll leave looking your best and feeling refreshed.